Cast Steel Speed Bump

Cast Steel Speed Bump is extremely effective in reducing higher traffic speeds in access roadway, in shopping centers, industrial complexes and generally where average speeds are likely to be higher.

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  • Roadway Safety Metal Speed Bump RW-2203E

    1. Modular design provides easy installation;
    2. No need to paint again & again due to pre-color, hence painting cost is NIL.

  • Reflective Metal Speed Bump RW-2202E

    1. Moisture & temperature resistant;
    2. Instant installation with the application of epoxy and bolts;
    3. Concealed fixings remain accessible.

  • Durable Metal Speed Bump RW-2201E

    1. Black & Yellow color combination for greater visibility;
    2. Rubber as a base material helps it in making better grip on the road.

  • Metal Speed Bump Manufacturer RW-2204

    Perfect solution for permanent roadway solution and short-term events like fairs, trade shows and conventions
    Suitable for use with HGV and forklift

  • Cast Steel Speed Bump Manufacturer RW-2203

    1,Anti-Fade Offers Good Warning Effect.
    2,Anti-hotness/Coldness, could be used -40 degree to 90 degree.
    3,Its life span is 5 times than rubber bump

  • Traffic Safety Metal Speed Bump RW-2202

    1. Moisture & temperature resistant.
    2. Many anti-skip pattern design surface.
    3. Help drivers to reduce speed for safety.

  • Customized Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2201

    1. The color is brilliant, non-fade, high visibility.
    2. Moisture & temperature resistant.
    3. Many anti-skip pattern design surface.

  • OEM ODM Cast Steel Speed Bumpy RW-2204E

    1. Durable: no damage for the rubber hump and cars when they pass by;
    2. Highly Visible in the daytime
    3. Flexible: conform to the pavement;

  • Highway Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2203E

    1. Easy to handle! Can be easily moved for snow removal, paving or to simply change traffic flow.
    2. Color fastness: Color will not fade, or wear

  • Anti-impact Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2202E

    1. Convenient modular system can be configured to any length.
    2. All modules supplied with fixings.
    3. Concealed fixings remain accessible

  • Driveway Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2201E

    1. Concealed fixings remain accessible
    2. Highly shock absorbent rubber is both quiet and smooth
    3. steel construction conforms to uneven surface

  • Cast Steel Speed Bump for Parking System RW-2204

    The Road safety rubber speed bump can lower vehicle's speed when the pass by, but at the same time the driver have no feeling of being hit.

  • CE Standard Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2203

    Cast steel vehicle speed bump is made by cast steel material, so it has the high intensity to against
    high pressure. Withstand 100tons of pressure

  • High Pressure Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2202

    Durable: no damage for the cars when they pass by
    Firmly fixed to the ground with screws, the vehicle will not be loosened when colling

  • Wholesale Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2201

    1. The product is durable and long lasting. There is no damage and strong sense of bump to the tirea.
    2. Highly Visible in the daytime

  • Heavy Duty Cast Steel Speed Bump RW-2204E

    1. Flexible: conform to the pavement;
    2. Highly Visible: the warning color yellow and black is eye-catching in the daytime;

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